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Our vlogging blog is first on Google for the keywords Vlogging Introduction and for the keywords Vlog Tool. Our partner site Zen Vlog at http://zenvlog.wordpress.com which features examples of vlogging and in particular using the Zen Mix tool is number three and is number one for psychedelic dancing – how about that!

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Vlogging Introduction and Cool Vlog Tool


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Vlogging is video logging and is an extension of blogging or Web Logging. In general, putting video about your daily thoughts or occurences on your blog would be a vlog or at least a vlog post.

The content of vlogs of course varies but in most cases, the “talking head” leaves some room for visual stimulation. So mad inventor, Dan Zen, has created a tool called Zen Mix that puts Web video on top of a Web picture and lets you apply cool blend effects all within a few minutes.

In this Vlog (click above) vlogging and Zen Mix are discussed. More discussion and samples can be found at http://www.zenvlog.com. A sample of an embedded Zen Mix file can be found at http://vloggingblog.blogspot.com. WordPress does not currently support Flash content on its Web version at least.

Have fun vlogging and let us know how it goes!

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